Green fashions at D.C. Fashion Week

Not everyone is aware that Washington, D.C. has its own Fashion Week and that it’s currently ongoing. September 19 was the date of the event’s eco-fashion show, but today, people can also get a chance to see another eco-fashion show, “Fashion to Fight Childhood Cancer“, which will take place from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight at Beauty 360 on 1350 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20036.

Matthew Morrison hosts DASANI Plant Model Fashion Show on Earth Day

For Earth Day, Glee‘s Matthew Morrison played host to the DASANI Plant Model Fashion Show, which was held at The Grove in Los Angeles and featured outfits–all made from 100 percent plant–by Yotam Solomon. Apart from being a fashion show and a celebration of Solomon’s work, the event also launched the new DASANI Plant Bottle packaging; DASANI bottles are now eco-friendlier and are made up of 30 percent plant.

Shown on the left is Morrison with two of the models in the show. See the rest of the pictures on DASANI Plant Model Fashion Show’s Flickr.

Natalie Portman wears H&M

Guess what Academy Award nominee Natalie Portman wore at a pre-Oscar party? A $50 dress from H & M‘s new eco-friendly Conscious Collection. The clothes are made from Tencel, organic cotton and linen, and recycled polyester.

The company has also teamed up with Swedish Hasbeens so you can dress green from head to toe.

The new line will be launched on April 14.

(photo from Huffington Post/Getty Images)

The mi-bra

Running is a cheap and easy way for people to lose weight and improve their health; the only problem is getting started and staying motivated. The best part is you can’t really hurt the planet while you’re pounding the pavement, but it would be great if you’re still using some environmentally friendly gear. The mi-bra, made of 90%organic cotton, is definitely something that would make a brilliant addition to your closet. A fun little bonus of the mi-bra? A handy little pocket which is big enough for your iPod, your keys, or some extra cash.

Mission Savvy

Here at Green Unlimited, we love it when people strike out on their own and find ways to spread the word about the environment. Jennifer Miller was an animal behaviorist who constantly sought ways to change the world and stumbled upon the idea of setting up a clothing shop to educate people about the environment and animal welfare. Hence, Mission Savvy was born in Charleston, West Virginia. Mission Savvy carries products from various eco-designers such as Kelly Lane and ecoSkin and is set to expand into items such as jewelry and food.


Bass had a fantastic sale going on (70 % off most items; buy one pair of sandals, get 2 free; buy 1 luggage, get 2 free) so my co-worker/friend Paige and I decided to check it out. I not only got some new footwear, but found out that their plastic bags has an “EPI” additive which makes it biodegradable. Visit epi-global for more information.

Bass also has the Earth Smart line of shoes made from eco-friendly, recycled materials, including the packaging.

Emma Watson for People Tree

Emma Watson debuts People Tree line

The lovely Emma Watson, who we’re pleased to see isn’t going down the typical destructive Hollywood road, has been a busy bee, making a name for herself as an actress, a fashion icon, a model, and is also currently a student at Brown University. She has also begun trying her hand at becoming a designer, and her efforts haven’t been in vain. She recently teamed up with People Tree, a fair trade fashion company offering organic clothing. Check out her clothing line right here.